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This business magazine is to update you and your customers on information regarding the  veteran business, governmental, social and economic environment. The DVBE Magazine is also here to help businesses like you connect to veteran owned business market. Currently, the largest growing business sector of the GNP are Veteran and Hispanic owned businesses. Which is why large corporations such as  Ford Motor Company, Hilton Hotels, to AT&T and Disney, Xerox, American Express Credit are enhancing their marketing to these two new important business groups.

In addition, the magazine will explain business opportunities like discounts at Costco, Ford, Zales, Samsung and Home Depot.   New changes at the Veteran Administration such as the recent ruling by the Supreme Court to allow disabled veteran businesses to be primes and establish joint ventures with larger firms to be competitive on the planning/design/construction of veteran hospitals and clinics and other federal funded projects.

Information on how to form a corporation if you are a veteran business owner or how to prepare for funding for a business loan.  We will have experts write on legal issues, medical issues such as why Congress either voted against veteran benefits. What changes the Trump Administration will make to the Veteran Administration or the Small Business Administration that will impact your company and the bottomline. We will provide a breakdown on the jumbled format of the VA website so both the veteran and his support system will better understand their benefits.  We will have experts in IT that will explain how to set up a business website to which hardware and software would support your business depending on its size and revenue. Business insurance and its implications in medical and worker comp requirements.  How to look for a reputable accountant. One of the first thing a veteran business owners should establish and in many cases it is the last which is why many veteran business fail due to payroll tax issues.   Banks and which banks are open to providing business loans to small businesses and which ones our readers should absolutely avoid at all costs.

We will have organizations and large corporations write article on how to prepare a bid. How to best market your business. How the Mayor of Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Salt Lake City have been making changes to ensure veteran small business goals are a reality and yet how the Governor of California and Caltrans has not.

We have also incorporated special features for disabled veterans with hearing, sight or mental retention issues from PTSD in the digital format online. The stories will have a short video from the author explaining the purpose of the article and what our readers and your potential customers should retain. The system will allow those veterans with hearing issues to have the story read to them and in the future there will be a video of sign languages for certain stories and advertisements.